Friday, September 24, 2010

Zombie Films.

I love zombies and I hope you do too. Well, I wouldn't love to get bit by one or get torn to pieces. Since Halloween is coming soon I thought I should give you a list of zombie movies you should watch. Some of the selected ones will not be horror and actually will be comedy. Who says Halloween is all about being scary though? I am sure as a kid you played pranks on Halloween. Well enough of that, I will name a few and why I like them! 

Night of the living dead (1968):
This is a black-and-white film, and it's not boring, I swear. It's a group of people who are stuck in a farmhouse trying to survive the night from creepy zombies. 

Dawn of the dead (2004):
This movie is about a group stuck in a mall trying a way to survive as well. Well in the end they build this cool bus and drive off to some boat. They all die anyway. 

Shaun of the Dead (2004):
I love this movie, I wish my best friend kept me around as a pet if I ever turn into a zombie!

Dead Snow (2009): 
Nazi zombies is all I got to say! I am not saying I like Nazi okay? This movie is funny though, I think it's on German so you will need caps. 

Zombieland (2009):
I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to put this movie on this list. I like the movie it's funny but it lacks zombies! It really didn't have as much zombies as I thought it would. This movie was just about a WoWfag who was alone and wants female companion so bad. Well he gets what he wants in the end. JUST, I wish it had more zombies!!!

Fido (2006): 
This movie is funny and good to watch with the whole family. I'm serious, it's a cute film. I watched it with my best friend, I'm pretty sure he cried. It was that cute. Just kidding.

Day of the Dead (1985):
Just watch it.

Braindead (1992):
Anyone who kicks ass for the Lord should really watch this movie!

Well, here is my list! Yes I know there are tons of zombie movies out there but I didn't like them all. The one I hate the most is Dead Girl. However, if you're into necrophilia then go ahead and watch Dead Girl! 


  1. ooh seen some of these :) good movies

  2. I can't wait for tomorrow's update!

  3. Good list. Have you seen Survival of the Dead yet?

  4. I haven't seen survival of the dead yet but I shall! Maybe I will do a review of it.